Cancellation FAQs

The tri for life Woburn Abbey triathlon 2020 Cancelled FAQs

Given events surrounding Covid-19, we have had to take the decision to cancel the 2020 Woburn Abbey Triathlon. Whilst we have contacted all participants, we realise you might have some additional questions and so have put together this page to help you with those:

I want to donate my entry fee to the tri for life charity, what do I need to do?

Thank you in advance if this is the route you are going to choose. We don’t need you to take any action to take this option. After the 17th May if we haven’t heard from you we will assume that you have donated your entry fee to tri for life.

tri for life is the charity that sits behind the Woburn Abbey Triathlon and since we started our triathlon events at Dorney Lake, Eton in 2008, our sole focus has been to host a safe event and raise money for charity.

We have already incurred operational costs for the event as we had been preparing for the 2020 edition and as a non-profit organisation this leaves us really disadvantaged. With that in mind, we are asking all our participants to consider donating their 2020 entry fee to tri for life to help keep the charity afloat.

Can I defer my entry to the tri for life Woburn Abbey triathlon in 2021?

The 2021 event will be taking place on the weekend of Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September. To choose this option, you need to click here.

Then please complete the short form. Our team will then transfer you across to the like for like event next year. This will incur a charge of £10 as per our standard deferral process.

If you want to do this, you will need to take this option before 17th May 2020, after which time this will not be available to you.

During July 2020 we will email you to confirm that you have been moved across to the 2021 edition.

(Please Note Originally these emails had been planned for June – but due to staffing impacts from Coronavirus the emails will be sent in July) 

What if I’d like to defer my entry and change my distance for 2021?

This will have to be done manually once we have confirmed your entry for 2021 (you will receive an email to let you know the transfer has been completed in July 2020). Log in to your account and follow the instructions to amend your entry. You will have to pay the difference and any refunds will be subject to an admin fee.

If you want to change your distance you will need to action this by the end of March 2021.

I’d like to transfer/gift my entry to a friend

You must complete this action by 17th May 2020. All substitutions must be done online, and a £10 fee will be charged as per our normal transfer process. This £10 fee will cover some, but ultimately not all, of the fixed costs incurred in planning the original event as well as admin fees charged to us for this action.

To access your account, follow this link or copy and paste it into your browser Once logged in, scroll to find the Woburn Abbey Triathlon event and select ‘Transfer Registration’. You will then be required to input the new participants email address. Once you select to transfer your entry to another person, they will receive an email to accept the transfer. The new participant needs to complete the registration process, including payment. This payment will also include any price increases to event entry. Once this has been completed, the original participant will receive the refund, less the £10 fee.

Can I get a refund?

If you don’t wish to donate your entry fee to the tri for life, defer to 2021 or transfer your entry to a friend, then in light of the extraordinary circumstances we will be offering refunds minus a £20 fee. Please note your original booking fee charged by Active is non-refundable, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

This fee covers some but ultimately not all of the unrecoverable event costs and staff time already put in as well as the admin fees charged to us to refund. Fundamentally it is about assisting us in securing the event for the years ahead.

As this is a manual process we will need to be notified about your refund by 17th May. To claim your refund simply click here and fill in the necessary details. We aim to have everyone’s refunds with them by the end of June

I purchased additional items, what happens to these purchases?

If you chose to defer your entry to 2021, all other purchases will automatically be rolled over to the new 2021 event. If you want to be refunded, each part of your bundle has a different process, see below for the process for each item.

Human Race Race Belt

If you are requesting a refund on your entry fee, or cancelling your entry and donating to Tri For Life charity, you will receive a full refund on your race belt. If you are rolling your entry over to 2021, your race belt order will be valid for 2021.


If you are requesting a refund on your entry fee, or cancelling your entry and donating to Tri For Life charity, you will receive a full refund on your parking order. If you are rolling your entry over to 2021, your parking order will be valid for 2021.


Your iTAB medal personalisation will be transferable to the rescheduled event, any other event run by us or any other event worldwide.  For further information contact

What if I have booked accommodation or transport?

Sadly, any bookings for services not listed as part of the event are not covered by our refunds policy. You will have to investigate what options are available directly with that service provider.

I have purchased Registration Protection. How do I claim my refund?

If you have purchased Registration Protection from Booking Protect during your registration for the Woburn Abbey Triathlon you are able to claim back a refund if your circumstances are covered.

You may submit a refund application via Booking Protect’s easy-to-use online portal:

What if I have hired a wetsuit?

All wetsuit hires are managed by our wetsuit partner Zone3. Please see their T&Cs on wetsuit hire here and if you have any questions please contact them directly at

What if I have booked bike hire for the event?

All bike hires are managed by our partner British Bike Hire. Please contact them directly at to enquire about the options available to you.

Event photos from AWOL

AWOL Adventure is a third party photography platform. AWOL Adventure will be contacting customers who have purchased a photo bundle directly on next steps.

If you have any enquiries regarding photos, please contact AWOL Adventure directly on, or visit their FAQs page: