Meet Jayla

In 2017 Jayla and her family took part in the Woburn Abbey scootathlon and triathlon, raising sponsorship for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Jayla and her family are huge supporters of GOSH after being treated for a heart condition called Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect, which means that there were large holes between the right and left side of her heart and she only had one valve instead of two.

“We were referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital during pregnancy and they kept a regular check on Jayla as she grew.  The doctors and specialist nurses did a fantastic job of supporting us, helping us to understand the condition and preparing us for what would happen and the support she would need.”

“After Jayla was born she quickly became sick and started to show signs of heart failure. The doctors wanted her to grow big enough to cope with surgery, but they were balancing this with not letting her get too sick that she couldn’t survive. The hospital kept in regular contact with us, and Jayla spent lots of time between home, GOSH and our local hospital.”

“Jayla’s surgery was eight hours long, the longest eight hours. After she came out, her surgeons were amazing, they explained that there had been some complications during surgery but she was doing well.  All of the staff at the hospital made us feel welcome and comfortable and took time out to talk to us and answer any questions.  There were some other bumps in the road for Jayla’s recovery, but she was back home within 2 weeks. Since then, Jayla has regular check ups but hopefully no further treatment will be needed, she’s now a lively and energetic little girl who loves life!”