Using sport to motivate your team.

Taking part in sport not only benefits the individual, it can also create a positive team spirit that can be taken back to the workplace.


It has been well documented how sport can benefit an individual, from physical and mental health, improving confidence as well as creating a sense of belonging. So how can you harness those benefits and translate them to the workplace?


Participating in a sporting event can provide the perfect opportunity to create a healthy environment in the workplace, keep employees engaged and foster co-operation between different teams.


3 benefits of taking part in sports in the workplace.


  1. Creates an inclusive atmosphere

Regardless of ability, gender and position being part of team is a great leveller and provides an opportunity to work towards a common goal and support colleagues in a different way.

  1. Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility goals

By choosing an activity that benefits the community or a charity can support the company’s CSR goals. Whatever your company goals.

  1. Breaks down silos

Creating sports teams from across different departments and levels of management can create a winning environment. Teams realise that in order to win they need to work together if they’re going to be successful.


So what sport should you choose?


One way to get your team involved in sport is to encourage participation in a triathlon. This multi-sport event offers a challenge for every ability. With different distances, and many events offering team places, there is a discipline and race for every ability and preference.


One of the newest triathlon events in the UK is the Woburn Abbey Triathlon, Bedfordshire, which is fast becoming one of the UK’s top triathlon events. With its unique mix of sport, fundraising and family fun this event isn’t your average triathlon. One company who have used the event is Hoare Lea, an award-winning engineering consultancy.


Hoare Lee have been a huge supporter of the tri for life’s Woburn Abbey Triathlon since 2011 – training, participating, and fundraising together.


Karl Wallasch, Director, says: “It’s been a great privilege for Hoare Lea to support the tri for life events throughout recent years. Our firm has had more than 100 individuals taking part over the years, bringing together our employees and their families and friends from different locations.  We are all united under the tri for life goal of fundraising and enjoy taking part in this physical challenge. We enjoy the fantastic ideas our employees come up with year after year. It helps us promote fun, personal commitment, and healthy lifestyles throughout our offices.”


As a team, Hoare Lea have embraced fundraising with a variety of creative initiatives and to date they have raised over £38,000 for the charity.